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2019, A Year of Possibilities - Say What? #4

Happy New Year! I don't usually have big New Year's resolutions, but instead, I have little goals tha
January 12 · Issue #4 · View online
Say What?
Happy New Year!
I don’t usually have big New Year’s resolutions, but instead, I have little goals that I want to achieve, like writing better content, graduating graduate school and spending more quality time with my loved ones.
But one of my biggest goals in 2019 is to spend more time on myself, to invest and focus on my personal growth and self-development. To read more and understand myself more, to find ways and opportunities to develop myself more than what is required of me, and to know when to kick back, relax and pamper myself.
For you, whoever you are and whatever your goals are for 2019, I hope that you set aside some time in 2019 to focus on yourself. Spend time on taking care of yourself, go to that spa or treat yourself to a relaxing trip or holiday, buy yourself that new gadget after successfully completing a big and important project/assignment.
May the new year brings you lots of happiness and successes in all that we do!

Graduate School thoughts
My first term as a graduate student is now officially done, since I’ve just submitted my final two assignments for my modules last weekend. Oh, it feels good to have submitted them and have a little break, even though my classes for second term will start next week (Jan 14th).
For my master’s program, MA Education (Youth and Community), I have to complete a total of 180 credits, which is split into 4 x 30 credits modules and 1 x 60 credits module.
My modules are:
Term 1: Critical Social Policy in Education and Public Services (CSP) [compulsory module for Youth & Community students] and Informal Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship (IEEE).
Term 2: Methods of Enquiry [compulsory module for all MA Education] and Mentoring & Coaching.
Summer: Dissertation
My term one modules are interesting, to say the least. It’s also quite a learning curve, considering how my only background with education/policy is through the limited classes I took for my Certificate in Education and Education Services back in Madison, and even those classes are US-based and now I need to learn from a British point of view.
But hey, what’s life if you’re not learning and challenging your point of view, no?
I personally enjoyed my CSP module, just because it gave me a lot of food for thought about how certain policies are put into place and how it effects different groups of people.
I’ve had to complete a 6,000 words assignment for that module, in which we were supposed to pick a policy that we’re interested in and analyze it through the lens of social policy.
So, naturally for me, I decided to write it on the PPSMI policy in Malaysia, which made it a little hard as it was super duper difficult to find resources in Malaysia (read: Malaysians don’t generally keep records and documents for long).
I don’t how how I did for that assignment though, ‘cause I know I could have definitely done a lot better if I had started earlier and done more readings and research. But it’s done for now, and I think I’m quite okay with how it turned out to be. Hopefully it’s all alright and that my tutor thinks it’s good enough. Not looking forward to get my marks in a few weeks though ._.
Weekly Find(s)
Some time ago, I saw a TED Talk video on Facebook, which I think is a good one to share in this new year. Now, there are some things to keep in mind about the video, but essentially I want us to remember that we need to focus on on living our lives to the fullest and that we are so much more than what a piece of paper defines us to be.
A lot of people are focused too much on building up their resume or portfolio (ehem, am guilty here). For students, it might be that they focus too much on scoring good grades (i.e. working too hard to get that 9A+s’ or that 4.0 GPA).
Sometimes, this means that we overlook a lot of things and forgo a lot of opportunities in our lives. It’s similar to what people mean when they talk about work/life balance - about knowing when it’s time to forget about work and focus on family and friends, and on your personal growth and pursuing what you enjoy in life.
So this is just a reminder to all of us to keep in mind that while we do plan to work hard in life and achieve all the goals that we set for ourselves (getting that big promotion, working in the top companies, etc), we also need to spare some down time with our loved ones, with our friends and families, and with ourselves.
David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé ... or your eulogy? | TED Talk
This is perhaps a weird but old one, but I just had to share it because Aiman and I laughed like hell when we watched this. This past week, we’ve been rewatching the High School Musical franchise (mainly because he said he hasn’t actually watched HSM 2 and 3). I then remembered this old gem from YouTube, and wanted to share it with you. You might enjoy this video of Zac Efron bringing out the inner Disney princess in him:
"Let It Go" meets "Bet On It": Bet It Go
Happy New Year from the Peak District (throwback to ~2 weeks ago)
Happy New Year from the Peak District (throwback to ~2 weeks ago)
Fun fact
My family has this tradition of playing board games during our family trips. This Christmas break, I spent ~2 weeks with my family, staying in Lake District and Peak District National Park, and we spent quite some time playing Scrabble (along with Boggle, Catan, Countdown, Cluedo and Nintendo Switch games).
Did you know that EUOI is a valid Scrabble word (SOWPODS UK/Australia)? While it doesn’t have a meaning of its own, it is another expression for the word evoe, which means an exclamation of the Bacchic frenzy.
p/s euouae is also apparently a valid Scrabble word (for SOWPODS UK/Australia). Weird, but okayyyy.
From #SilentConfessions
As always, a recap of how my 2018 has gone, and things to look forward to in 2019 (which, if you haven’t read it yet, includes attending a Backstreet Boys concert in June!)
2018: Thank you, next.
This was my last #FreshGrad101 post in 2018, written specifically for fresh graduates (or anyone, really) who will be attending a job interview. Hope you’ve found it beneficial!
Fresh Grad 101: Acing the job interview - Silent Confessions
Anyhow, this is my first public newsletter issue, as I’ve officially shared out the information on my social media (albeit a ‘soft’ launch of it to start with). Thank you to everyone who have subscribed to the newsletter - it means a lot!
Feel free to share the newsletter out to friends and family if you think that they would enjoy reading it. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, do let me know!
Until we meet again in two weeks’ time, take care and stay awesome!

p/s: I have a couple of extra postcards from Peak District and/or Lake District to be sent out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Reply to this email newsletter with one of your goals for 2019 and why you’ve subscribed to this newsletter if you want one! :)
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