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Be grateful for the people in your life - Say What? #15

Hi everyone! If you celebrated Eid, I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your loved ones and f
June 15 · Issue #15 · View online
Say What?
Hi everyone!
If you celebrated Eid, I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your loved ones and friends.
I, for one, had a weirdly rushed Eid celebration, mainly because we were all caught by surprise when they announced that Eid in the UK was on Tuesday, and not Wednesday, as some expected. But nonetheless, we made it work, so that’s alright! :D
Hope you enjoy this issue!

I am torn between feeling a little guilty for not doing as much as I should for my dissertation, and feeling “It’s okay, I know what’s good for myself” for taking some time off from ‘work’ and focusing on my mental health.
My #100DaysofDissertation has not been going on too well lately, mainly because about three weeks ago, I took two days off my schedule because of some personal issues and problems that I was dealing with. That two days led to a week, and then it was Eid last week, so I took another week off (honestly, who wants to work and study during the festive season?).
I took this week off as well because I attended two concerts at the start of the week, and literally spent the rest of the week recuperating from post-concert depression. That brings us to this weekend, which, hopefully, I’d be able to get back on my feet and hit the ground with writing out some drafts for the dissertation.
Eid Mubarak from us in Huddersfield #TeamRayaUK
Eid Mubarak from us in Huddersfield #TeamRayaUK
But that’s okay. I know I should feel a little guilty, but I am also glad that I decided to focus on making sure that I’m in the right state of mind to be working on my dissertation. After all, I know myself well enough to know that I work best when my mind and body are feeling good.
Of positivity & gratitude
One thing that helps me to stay positive and get rid of the negativity in my life is to constantly reflect on things that I am grateful for in my life. Some people have suggested things like having a gratitude journal or a group of friends to share things that you’re grateful for.
But for me, I turn to the people that I’m close to and think about how they’ve helped me get to where I’m at right now. I may not have everything that I want in my life, but I sure do have everything that I need, including a group of people who is genuinely invested in my journey and want me to be successful in all that I do.
7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude
We build our own community.
A good friend of mine recently said the above to me, which strikes close to home. Considering the amount of time we spend with other people (either interacting on social media or in real life), the type of people we surround ourselves with play an important role in how we view the world.
I’ve been purging a lot of negativity on my social media recently, and started to follow accounts that radiates positivity and support, such as @diversityinacademia , @academeology and @thewomanofinfluence. At least this helps me to increase positivity in my social media feed and helps me to stay focused on my goals.
Another thing that I’ve just found out recently that might also help is to subscribe to The Crunch. They send out newsletters every two weeks and share some good news about humanity and people from around the world. This can help you to not only learn about things that are going on elsewhere in the world, but also makes you feel better and more confident about the state of humanity.
I think this should be all for this issue, hope you’ve found it somewhat useful. Don’t forget to think and write down the things that you are grateful for this week to help you stay positive about life. Feel free to share them with me by replying to this email as well, I’d love to hear some good news from you if you have things to share! :)
Until next time, stay awesome and take care!
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