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Being content with what we have - Say What? #18

Hello! A super *warm* greetings from the UK! The heat has been getting quite bad recently in the UK a
July 27 · Issue #18 · View online
Say What?
A super *warm* greetings from the UK! The heat has been getting quite bad recently in the UK and across Europe over the past few weeks, so if you’re in Europe or anywhere’s that is experiencing the heatwave - stay hydrated and cool!
Other than that - hope you’re all doing alright and well! :)

There is approximately 36 days until September 1st, which marks the end of my life as a Master’s student. Or, at least, a ‘temporary’ break until my actual results come out in October (after all, can’t say I’m officially done until the faculty actually says that I’ve passed all the requirements).
I’m still working on the final two chapters of my dissertation, while also adding more things and refining my literature review / methodology chapters. It’s still quite a way until I am satisfied with it, so we just have to keep hustling for now.
The last two weeks have been all about collecting and analyzing my data. I’ve just got my research interviews done, so I’m in the process of transcribing and analyzing them (God, transcribing interviews are just soooo tedious!). But I owe it to Aiman & Nadine for their help in transcribing the interviews, as well as to my research participants for sharing their stories with me. Can’t wait to get it all over and done with!
Utilize LinkedIn for Your Jobsearch and Career.
Random fact of the day: I found out that if you want to get a job in a university in the UK (be it as a part-time library staff or a permanent full time student services staff or senior management), you have to write out personal statements on how you meet each of their requirements. It is literally like applying for undergraduate all over again, where you have to submit a two-page statement addressing each criteria. Talk about finally being able to stop writing after my Master’s, right?
Also, MrStingy shared this blog post a few months back, but I feel like it’s something that I really needed this last week, and perhaps it’d be useful for some of us too.
The Status Games We Play | mr-stingy
We are all somehow playing some kind of status games with the people around us - trying to be better than one another. Some people tend to compare what universities people go to, or what kind of occupation people have. Some people spend more on materialistic items, while others buy fake followers on social media to show off to other people. And maybe it’s time for us to take the time to sit back and really consider - is it all worth it? Do we really need all these external validations, or is it enough to just be content with what we have in our lives without trying so hard to please other people?
From Aizan's Research Codex
I don’t know why, but hours spent grinding on Monster Hunter: World seemed to fly past me like I just spent few minutes. I then came to a realization that I did not even greet the sun outside for an entire day. In summer. When the sun is out for 17 hours. How is that even possible?
Even more puzzling, sometimes it gets so damn hard to bleed a pen on a strip of paper, trying to piece together a coherent scholarly thought, and a minute that passed by sometimes feels like an eternity.
This needs a solution. Henceforth, I summon my mystical power to coalesce the passage of time into charts, so its ebb and flow can be visualized. Enter, my Timer Coalescing on Caspershire. Enjoy reading it!
Wrapping up
I’ll be heading home in about three weeks’ time, so I’m kind of excited for it. It’s only going to be for a short while though, as I still have commitments at my part-time job in Leeds in September. But, hey, at least I get to spend some time with my family and friends in Malaysia, no?
Alright then, until we meet again in two weeks - stay hydrated, stay cool and stay awesome everyone! :)
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