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Boys vs Girls at School & Work - Say What? #7

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a good week! This past week has been my reading week, so I didn't hav
February 23 · Issue #7 · View online
Say What?
Hello everyone!
Hope you’ve had a good week! This past week has been my reading week, so I didn’t have any classes at all. I took the opportunity to bring Aiman down to London and also took the chance to meet up with some friends in the city.
It’s been a slow start to the year, but I have a couple of deadlines coming up in the next few weeks, as well as the Varsity tournament between the University of Huddersfield and University of Bradford in mid-March. So it’s going to be packed next month for me.
Whatever’s in store for you in the next few weeks (or months), I wish you all the best! May you be blessed with the strength and determination to push through whatever obstacles there is in your path to success!

Graduate School thoughts
The UK higher education system baffles me sometimes. I find it weird that students start the Autumn (Fall) term and end their term with the Christmas and New Year break, before coming back to campus for their examinations / assignment submissions for the first term. They then move straight into the second term, study up until their Easter break, and then come back again for another round of examinations / assignments.
I mean, those aren’t really considered as ‘breaks’ then, if students have to spend that time studying and/or working on their assignments. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a holiday to de-stress and spend time with family, no?
That’s kind of why I prefer the US system, where you take the exams right smack at the end of semester and get the results soon after, or, in some cases, on the day itself. This way, you get to really enjoy your break, take some time off to de-stress and rewind, and come back fresh for the next semester.
Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know - I just prefer to have it that way. To have a sense of 'closure’ between semesters.
But then again, in the US, we take different subjects (courses) every semester. But in the UK, some (if not all) take the same subjects (modules) throughout the year (especially undergraduates), so there’s not really any need for 'closure’ I guess?
Oh well. That’s just some food for thought I guess. People do have their own preferences, and I guess that’s fine. I’m just glad I did my undergraduate in the US (thanks Mum and Dad, and MARA too!).
So if any of you are considering to pursue your studies (be it at undergraduate or postgraduate level), do take a look into the academic calendar in your chosen university / country, it might also help in narrowing down your choices of where to attend.
Aiman & I took a trip down to London last weekend for a short getaway.
Aiman & I took a trip down to London last weekend for a short getaway.
Weekly Find
I saw this article from Facebook (or was it Twitter? I can’t remember), and it’s certainly an interesting thing to consider. I can certainly relate to some of the things pointed out in this piece (i.e. women sometimes hold themselves back, despite having the qualifications and/or preparations made.
For instance - I’ve always had the idea of starting a career mentoring / coaching program, especially with local university students. I enjoy helping students work on their soft skills and resume, practice mock interviews and the such.
But somehow, there’s this nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that “You’re just a fresh graduate yourself, who the hell gives you the right to mentor or coach someone else when you yourself don’t have your life in order?
Funny, isn’t it, when you want to dream big and achieve big things, but one of the things holding you back is, well, yourself.
Opinion | Why Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them at the Office - The New York Times
If you are a girl/woman and you resonate with the article above (or if you’re a boy/man and feels the same way), I urge you to at least try to stop holding yourself back. I urge you to push on forward, to strive on with life at full force and reach for your dreams and your goals. Trust that you are worth it, that you are good enough and more than capable of achieving success.
Fun fact
I’m currently helping out a friend who is running in the Huddersfield Students’ Union elections. I never paid any attention to the Student Government thingy back in the US, but I figured that heck, I might as well learn something while I’m here, no? You can check out her website that I made here.
It is also student elections period at other universities across the UK apparently, as when I went to work in Leeds today, I’ve been seeing posters and banners hung up everywhere by candidates with their manifesto and stuff. It’s been interesting, to say the least, looking at how different candidates try to push their manifesto and gain votes. Kind of like PRU if you ask me, though on a much smaller scale.
From #SilentConfessions
Kind of sad to say that I haven’t been posting anything up on the blog in the last month. It’s not the fact that I don’t have anything to write, but more of the I-can’t-find-the-exact-words to make it sound as nice as it does in my head. And me being me, I need my posts to be perfect before I can publish the post on the blog.
Anyhow - you can check this short post that I made for T'Hud. T'Hud is the Huddersfield Students’ Union student media publication, and I recently joined them as an editor/writer. Thought that it’d be a good idea to just write a short post on my experiences of studying in two different countries.
Best of Both Worlds - and Education Systems. - T'HUD
Guess that would be it for now - I do think that this is probably getting a little bit too long. For those who have just recently subscribed, I hope that it’s not much of a surprise. I try to make it shorter, but I guess I just have a little bit more to share this time around.
Anyhow, as always, let me know if you have any feedback or comments, or even suggestions for future issues!
Don’t forget to rate this issue at the end of the email/newsletter down below, and share it out with your friends and/or family.
Until I see you again in two weeks’ time, stay awesome and take care!
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