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Does the Law of Attraction works? - Say What? #37

Happy Sunday! It's Day XX of the seemingly never-ending MCO in Malaysia. Whether you're fighting at t
April 19 · Issue #37 · View online
Say What?
Happy Sunday!
It’s Day XX of the seemingly never-ending MCO in Malaysia. Whether you’re fighting at the frontlines, working from the office or your home, reverting to online learning or just staying at home, I hope that you are doing well!
I want to write a little bit about the law of attraction today, so I hope you enjoy it!

Law of Attraction - what is that?
I’m not too well-versed on the law of attraction, but it is a universal concept similar to magnets and gravity - about how you attract things to your life. People say things like ‘fake it 'til you make it’ and ‘do upon others what you want others to do upon you and it’s true, to some extent.
Some people swear by the Law of Attraction, saying that it’s something everyone should live by and hold true to. Some, on the other hand, say that there are flaws in the Law of Attraction, and that swearing by it too much can do more harm than good.
Positivity and positive actions attract positivity in your life. And negative thoughts and energy attract negativity.
In some ways, it helps the mind to focus on the goals that you have. Visualizing your goals, such as writing down your goals or creating a Vision Board, can keep you grounded and remind you of what you’re fighting for.
It’s a little bit similar to how people have New Year’s Resolutions - things that you want to fight for and work hard for. But with the Law of Attraction, you take things up a notch. You harvest the energy of the universe, affirming your goals with your minds and believing that the universe’s energy will result in your thoughts to come true.
How to Manifest Anything You Want with the Law of Attraction
So, does it really 'works'?
People who live and swear by the Law of Attraction have this ‘Ask and it will be yours’ belief - that if you believe enough in your dreams and goals, they will be yours.
There are tons of stories, like this one, out there by people who have tried or experimented with Law of Attraction and saw how it came true.
Manifest your energy and goals into the Universe, and the Universe will give it to you. And if the goals do not come true, it’s because of you.
Perhaps you didn’t visualize your goals clear enough, or perhaps you didn’t put in enough effort to reach your goals. Perhaps you’re having negative thoughts, and that’s why negativity comes into your life.
This is where the Law of Attraction is flawed.
Because you have to remember that there are various factors that play a part in how the world works, and focusing your energy into your own actions may not be as fruitful because you cannot control the actions of other people.
Life is not as easy as ask and it will be yours. Sometimes, things don’t work out in our favor just because we want it to happen so badly. Sometimes, the things that we want might not be a good thing for us, and therefore no matter how much we want it and manifest our whole existence into it, it just won’t happen.
The Truth About the Law of Attraction | Psychology Today
We plan, and He Plans, and He is indeed the best Planner.
So, yes.
Visualize your goals. Write down words of affirmation to help you focus on the goals that you want to achieve. Remind yourself of what you’re fighting for in this world. Put in the effort to reach those goals. Believe in your strengths and abilities to achieve your goals. Do your very best in all that you do.
But remember that, ultimately, God has Planned our whole life journey from birth to death. He Knows what’s best for us, and what’s not. He is the All-Knowing, and so trust in His Plans.
If things do not go the way you want them to, remember that it is not a sign of your own weaknesses, nor is it a sign that you are not good enough.
It’s merely a sign that we are either not yet ready for the things that we want, or that we are destined for something much better in life - even if things do not feel that way.
Life is never as easy as ask and it will be yours. But that does not diminishes the positive effects of setting your goals and having an action plan to achieve your goals. As long as you are aware of yourself, your own strengths and weaknesses, and have faith in God’s plans, things should work out alright.
Signing off for now.
That isn’t much, I know, and I can’t go too deep into the topic. But I hope that it sparks some thoughts in your mind and get you thinking about what you can do in your life.
Before I sign off for now, I can finally say that, after 1+ month, I got a new post on the blog! Feel free to have a read if you haven’t yet :)
My March 2020 expenses update. - Silent Confessions
Also - I’m thinking of doing another Instagram Live session in the next week - most probably on Friday evening (say, 3pm?). But I’m planning to have it as a casual session, just to chat and chill. Join me if you’re free and let’s have a talk! :)
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Until I see you again in two weeks’ time, have a good week ahead, Happy Ramadhan (to whomever it is applicable to), take care and stay awesome!
Nazu xx
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