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Done & dusted, but not the glitter bombs though - Say What? #3

Hello! I have officially survived my first semester of graduate school! Now, I still have two more as
December 19 · Issue #3 · View online
Say What?
I have officially survived my first semester of graduate school! Now, I still have two more assignments to be completed before Jan 7th, but I have somehow managed to get through the first semester with little (ehem) major breakdowns, so I’m super proud of myself.
This is probably my last test issue before I publicly announce the newsletter project at the end of the year, so, fingers crossed and let’s hope for the best!
As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, please do reply to this email and let me know. I’m always happy to hear from you!
Hope you enjoy the issue!

Graduate School thoughts
So, after surviving my first semester of graduate school, here are some recaps of the things I should’ve done (or should’ve done better at least) that would have been beneficial for me.
1) I should’ve stick to my undergraduate habit of going to the library to work on my assignments. Not that I couldn’t do work at home, but there’s something about being in a library that can help me to focus more on my assignments. And I should have probably stuck to a proper schedule of doing my readings and working on my assignments bit by bit - the issue with this is that I tend to want to finish my whole assignment in one go, so it’s hard to get me working on a draft so early on in the semester.
2) See a wellbeing advisor early on in the semester. I only went to see the wellbeing advisor sometime in mid-November, which means I’ve gone through two whole months of feeling inferior and suffering on my own (well, aside from ranting to friends) before I went to actually get help from someone. I should have definitely done it earlier on, so that I can have things in place to help me whenever I feel bad / down.
3) Be more proactive in my learning. And this means taking things in my own hand and be more open and active in the classroom discussions. Now, it is a little (a lot!) intimidating when you’re the youngest person in the class, and (almost) everyone around you have had like 10-15+ years of experience working in the field. When everyone starts talking about things that I’ve never heard about, I would usually stay quiet and just listen to whatever they’re talking about. WHICH IS NOT A GOOD THING TO DO ALL THE TIME, mind you.
I have a couple of weeks’ break to work on my assignments and refresh my brain before the next semester start, so let’s hope the new year and new semester will be better, insyaAllah.
My work space at home. Mind you, it's not always this tidy.
My work space at home. Mind you, it's not always this tidy.
Weekly Find
This is an interesting report by The Khazanah Research Institute, and I invite everyone to go through it. If you don’t have time (or capabilities) to go through the full report, there are a short book, fact sheet and presentation slides that can help you get the gist of the whole report.
The School-to-Work Transition of Young Malaysians
On a more fun note, this is a reminder to everyone to never steal anyone’s packages from their front porch. It’s most probably a big thing in the US, when postmen and deliveries sometimes leave packages either by the front door or under the mailboxes (for people who lived in apartments like me). This genius got tired of people stealing his packages and the police wouldn’t help him, so he created a glitter bomb package to thwart off parcel thieves.
Do watch the YouTube video, I promise you, it’s worth it!
YouTuber's glitter bomb tricks parcel thieves - BBC News
Fun fact
A few weeks ago, I calculated how much I’ve spent on my blog(s). I didn’t actually realize that I’ve spent that much on buying hosting / domain packages for my blog(s) - which includes both my .com and .my blogs. But I guess I didn’t really mind, because it gives me a reason to keep on writing?
Plus, I don’t write for the money, and I don’t really mind spending for the things I love anyway. It’s kind of like how photographers spend a lot on getting new gear and lens, or how pro-gamers spend on building their own PC and accessories.
At least my money’s going into something that makes me happy, and something that hopefully has left a positive impact on other people’s lives. So I’m good with that :)
From #SilentConfessions
After 3+ years, here’s a much needed update on the Radiance21 Scholarship Project. Read up to know more about who the money went to, and where the scholars are now.
Radiance21 Scholarship – Wrap-Up and Final Words
Alright, that should be it for now. If you’ve enjoyed the issue, feel free to forward it on to a friend or share it on your social media. If you’ve not enjoyed it, do let me know why!
The next issue will (hopefully) officially be my first public issue, so wish me luck!
Hope the last few days of 2018 brings you happiness, and an early Happy New Year to everyone!
Take care, and stay awesome!
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