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Finding your 'place' in this world. - Say What? #45

Happy Sunday, and Salam Aidiladha if you observe it. I hope you are all doing great! It's August, whi
August 2 · Issue #45 · View online
Say What?
Happy Sunday, and Salam Aidiladha if you observe it.
I hope you are all doing great!
It’s August, which is my favourite month of the year because it’s the month of my birthday! And, I’d have to say, my birthday present came super early this year, because this newsletter is now at 566 subscribers! Woohoo!
*throws imaginary confetti*
In today’s issue, I wanted to share a little about personal branding, and how we can use it to find our place in this world.

As (most of) you would know, a little over a week ago, I hosted a free webinar on Personal Branding for Students & Graduates.
The session lasted for a little over an hour, but we had more questions than what I could have answered. So I decided to write a [super long] blog post on the unanswered questions instead, which you can find below.
Personal Branding for Students & Graduates [long]. Personal Branding for Students & Graduates [long].
OK Nazu, you've talked about personal brand for sooooo many times already, why?
A friend of mine shared this picture with me last week, with resonates a lot with what I’ve been talking about in the personal branding webinar.
Of course, the chart isn't 100% perfect, but you get the point.
Of course, the chart isn't 100% perfect, but you get the point.
In the past few months, a lot of the students and graduates that I’ve worked with are worried about their resume. This is a solid worry, yes, as your resume is the first thing that employers and recruiters will look at. But it is not the make-or-break of it all.
People are worrying too much about the design of their resume, caring too much about if their resume meets the ‘ATS score’ on the ATS software, focusing too much about creating the 'perfect resume’.
When, in reality, that piece of paper, that 1 or 2-page resume, is only one piece of the puzzle.
There are other pieces of the puzzle that are either equally as important (or more, depending on some people) that are often overlooked by students and graduates.
As shown in the above chart, other pieces of the puzzle include your past experience, your references, & your network. There are also others that are not portrayed in the chart, such as: your personal brand, your personal goals & vision, and the way you bring yourself.
I don’t want to dive in too deep about this, but you can join the conversation on LinkedIn below:
Syaza Nazura Noor Azmi on LinkedIn: #resume #networks #graduates | 57 comments
How can your personal brand help you in building your career?
Personally, I think that the key to a strong personal brand is a strong self-awareness. You need to fully understand yourself, your values, your goals, and use all of that in creating your brand.
When you understand yourself better, you can get better clarity about the world and where you fit in. You start to think about not only about your passion, strengths, and skill sets, but also about the opportunities out there that would fit you best.
But, one thing we have to remember is that finding your ‘place’ in the world is not an easy thing to do.
Some people know what they are born to do from an early age. Others, like you and me, may take a little bit longer. And that’s OK.
While it is important for you to focus on finding that sweet Ikigai spot in your life, understand that it is not the end of the world if you do not know the answer to it at the age of 25.
Take your time to fully understand who you are. Invest your energy into developing your personal brand, and think about how you can best maximise what you have for your career growth.
Who's up for a chat about life, personal development, and stuff?
If you’re new here or if you don’t know me personally, this is a good time for me to say that I have a thing about doing something to celebrate my birthday. This all started back in 2015, when I started the Radiance21 Scholarship Project for my 21st birthday. It’s a way for me to give back to the community as a way to show my gratitude for being able to live this life.
For this year, my original plan was to conduct an in-person workshop/session to talk about graduate employability (or other related topics). Obviously, because of COVID-19, this is not feasible because of social distancing and all that safety issues.
So, I’m considering to host an online group chat/discussion, if anyone’s up for it? It can be about anything related to graduate employability, life, academic, or anything, actually. I just want to hang out, meet some of you (virtually), and get to know you a little bit more.
That said - if you are a university student or a recent graduate, and would love to participate in a virtual (or maybe physical?) discussion, do fill up this form! I’ll leave the form open for a week or two, and I’ll reach out to those of you with more information later on.
On a different note - as I mentioned last week, this issue (#45) is a week early, because I’ll be spending time with my family next weekend. This means that Issue #46 will be out in three weeks’ time - which is also coincidentally on my birthday!
Until I see you then, reply to this email if you have anything to share/ask. Stay safe and healthy, and make sure to bring your masks around with you. Stay awesome, & take care everyone.

Nazu xx
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