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First quarter of 2019, done! - Say What? #10

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's has had a great first quarter of the year. I hope that you've managed
April 6 · Issue #10 · View online
Say What?
Hello everyone!
Hope everyone’s has had a great first quarter of the year. I hope that you’ve managed to make a dent on your new year’s resolutions (whatever they may be), and that your 2019 is going on strong.
Personally, I’ve had an eventful first quarter. With Varsity and managing different societies and events on top of my classes and assignments, it’s been a hell of a ride. I’m just glad that it’s now April and I can actually breathe again.
We’re also a month away from Ramadan, and I’m having mixed feelings about it because I’d be spending the whole of Ramadan + Eid here in the UK with Aiman. I’ll have my dissertation to do, on top of the occasional hours working at the University of Leeds.
Oh well, we all need to sacrifice some things, right?
Hope you enjoy this issue! :)

Graduate School thoughts
Alhamdulillah, I’ve finally finished my second semester of graduate school. It seems surreal that all that is left for me to get my master’s degree is two pieces of assignment that I need to submit in the next few weeks, and one ~14,000 words dissertation.
It seems to fly by so fast. Looking back, I think I may not have acted like a graduate student for most of the time. Personally I think I could’ve acted a lot more maturely, actually do my readings when they were assigned and took more initiative to do a lot of independent reading on my own.
I can’t really turn back time to start it all over again, so here’s to (hoping) that I would actually buck up for my dissertation this summer. I really want to finish this program off strong, and I want to be able to look back five, ten years from now and say that I’m proud of how I’ve done.
Academic aside, I think I’ve tried my best to make the most out of my time here in the UK. I joined quite a number of activities and societies on campus, met people from all sorts of programs, and tried out some new things as well.
It’s been quite an eventful academic year, but it was all worth it.
Weekly Find
There has been quite a discussion on social media recently regarding the low salary paid towards degree and masters’ holders and how it hasn’t been increasing in the past decade or so.
Double whammy for graduates - Nation | The Star Online
I’m not going to write much on this, but perhaps just a reminder to everyone here who are still studying / in university to learn as much as possible, both in and out of the classrooms, and take the opportunity to develop your skills and talents.
That’s the least that you could do to try and ensure that you are able to demand a good salary once you’re in the job market later on. With the increasing number of graduates out there, it’s a fierce competition for talent, and you need to do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd.
Voice of Huddersfield 2019, with my team and some of the participants.
Voice of Huddersfield 2019, with my team and some of the participants.
Fun fact
Guess who’s going to be in the University of Huddersfield’s new international prospectus?
Apparently someone from the International Office nominated me as one of the students to talk / share about my experiences with the global societies. My personal tutor also nominated me to be featured on the Education course page, so I guess my face/name will come up in different pages! :p
From #SilentConfessions
I took a break from the blog recently because I’ve been focusing on my assignment(s). Hopefully I’d be able to get some new posts on the blog during the Easter break.
In the mean time, I’ve revamped my ‘portfolio’ page on the blog and separated out all the student-life / academic related posts. I placed all of them under my Study 101 page, just like I’ve done with my Fresh Grad 101 posts, so that it’s easier to find.
Study 101 – Student Life, SPM and Beyond.
That should be all for now. Keep your eyes out on my social media in the next few weeks, there should be a video or two coming out soon :p
I also have a couple of blog posts to write about, which one of it revolves around self-care during the stressful jobsearch phase. If you’re jobhunting right now, it might be useful for you to read it when it’s out.
Hope you’ve enjoyed the issue, and, as always, feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas. My DM / inbox is always open! :)
p/s Also feel free to share the newsletter out with your friends and family, and help me get to 100 subscribers ;)
Until next time, stay awesome and take care!
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