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Get advice from other people, but don't let them influence everything you do. - Say What? #48

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing good. I'm back to working from home, at least for the next week a
October 18 · Issue #48 · View online
Say What?
Hi everyone!
Hope you are all doing good.
I’m back to working from home, at least for the next week and a half, as schools across Selangor are closed to the CMCO (again). Wherever you guys are, I do hope that you are all staying safe and taking care of yourself!
Today’s issue is influenced partly by what I’m going through in my personal life, partly by an article I read, and partly by something I saw on LinkedIn a few months ago.

Seeking advice from others.
As human beings, we tend to seek out advice from people, especially from those we see as ‘successful’ or more knowledgable. This can be from our parents, our aunts or uncles, our teachers or lecturers, our seniors, our managers or supervisors. In some instances, it can also be from outside of our circle, such as hiring an external consultant or a career coach.
Talking to experienced people can help us to think about things from a different perspective. After all, we all go through life differently. We have vastly difference experiences, we think and look at things from different lenses, and we definitely understand things differently.
But, we have to remember that while we can reach out to other people for their advice and suggestions, ultimately, the final decision is in our own hands.
Common Causes of Very Bad Decisions · Collaborative Fund Common Causes of Very Bad Decisions · Collaborative Fund
"What do I need to do?"
Many students and graduates have come up to me over the past years, asking me for help about their problems. Don’t get me wrong - I love helping people out. I love working with them to untangle all their issues and working together to find a solution that is best suited for them.
But I hate it when people expect me to tell them exactly what to do.
This is something that I, or anyone else, cannot do, because of one reason: we are not them.
I can work with people to figure out their options. We can talk about pro’s and cons of each option. But ultimately, the final decision lies in their own hands, and they themselves would know what’s best for them.
Taking your cues and advice from people with different goals, abilities, and desires than you is an easy road to misery.
7 Common Causes of Bad Decisions That You Don't Think About Enough |
So, where do we go from here?
One factor of good decision-making is to fully understand the situation and how it would affect your overall life. Be it a career move, or the decision to buy a house or start an investment. All of these are important decisions, ones that you should not be making lightly.
Whatever decisions that you are making, ensure that you have one thing in your mind = your own future.
Don’t rush to buy a car now because everyone around you are buying cars and you’re scared that you’d be left behind.
Don’t succumb to the fear that you need to buy your house now because of the rise in house prices.
Take the time to thoroughly think about your decisions. Measure out the good and bad in everything. Talk to people, but also remember that they may be slightly biased towards a certain decision, depending on what’s important to them.
Remember that advices can be both good and bad, depending on the person giving them and the person receiving them. A good advice for someone may be a bad advice for someone else.
So figure out what is good for you, and make the decision(s) that will positively impact your life, even if it may seem like a bad decision to someone else.
Because, as always, you matter first.
Bringing some balloons to brighten up your weekend :3
Bringing some balloons to brighten up your weekend :3
Until I see you again in two weeks, hope you have a good week ahead!
Take care, stay safe, & stay awesome.

Nazu xx
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