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Knowing what (and who) matters to you. -Say What? #25

Happy November everyone! We're finally in the last two months of December! The year seems to have flo
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Say What?
Happy November everyone!
We’re finally in the last two months of December! The year seems to have flown by so quick, doesn’t it?
Time to give one final push and end the year on a good note, insyaAllah!

At the end of last issue, I asked you the question below:
What’s holding you back from being the person you want to become? And could you do anything to remove the barrier(s)?
Thank you to those who responded, I love hearing from you! To those who didn’t, I hope you gave it some thoughts because in this issue, I wanted to write a little about how we can remove and/or overcome those barrier(s).
If I were to answer that question, one of my biggest concerns would be because I’m a little too concerned about what other people think of me, and how everything I do would affect how people view me.
Which is a little childish and immature, I admit. But who wouldn’t be worried, at the very least, about how and what other people say/think of them? To a certain extent, I think we are a little concerned about our image.
The 5 Mental Barriers to Greatness Only You Can Remove
However, if we can manage it and stop it from taking control of our lives, then it shouldn’t become a barrier to our potential success. In one way or another, our lives are intertwined with other people. What we do affect other people. What politicians decide in parliament affect every citizen in the country. What you do now may affect your future kids and their future friends.
We can’t run from it. It’s the circle of life (cue Lion King). But what we can control is how we react and response to it. Sure, we’re all in this together (cue High School Musical). But that doesn’t mean that we should and need to allow other people’s opinions to hold us back.
You want to start recording that vlog but afraid of what your friends would say? Record it anyway.
You want to start that side business and sell makeup kits but anxious about what your colleagues would say behind your back? Do it regardless.
You want to speak against that annoying colleague and call out their toxic behavior? Say it louder for the people at the back.
You yourself know what, and who, matters to you, and that’s all that’s important. Who cares about what other people think, anyway, if you know that your loved ones will always be there to support you? Why does it matter what the rest of the world thinks if you know you’re fighting for something that is important to you?
Just look at Greta Thunberg. Greta fought for climate change and demanded actions from politicians and world leaders despite being a 16-yo girl. She received quite a lot of backlashes from people, saying how she should stay in school or that she’s being used and everything. But did those comments stop her?
So, as a reminder, to you and myself (mostly to myself, actually): Focus on what and who matters to you. As long as you have them in your back and know what you’re fighting for, that’s all that matters.
There’s no need to worry about what other people are saying (behind your back or in your face), because you’re the only person who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes, so live your life how you want it to be.
How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You |
Life in the unemployed phase.
As some of you might know, I’ve been trying to look for a job here in the UK. I would very much love to stay and work here for a few more years before ultimately returning home to Malaysia. However, luck hasn’t been on my side (yet!). I haven’t given up hope yet though, and am working hard at getting those applications out. I do have a couple of potential leads that I’m hoping would turn out positive, so fingers crossed for that.
I’ve also started reading again, yay! It’s been a while since I’ve managed to read something for pleasure. But I’ve finished two novels in two days in the past week, and am currently working on a third book (which is a sequel to one of the books I read) this weekend. I’ll share some reviews of these books up on the blog soon.
For now, catch up on this blog post if you haven’t, where I shared about how you can manage some uncertainties in your life:
Managing the uncertainties in life. Managing the uncertainties in life.
Signing off for the week with another question for you to wonder upon.
What are some of the values that are non-negotiable in your life? What are some things in life that you would never compromise for?
Until I see you in two weeks’ time - take care and stay awesome!
Nazu xx
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