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Making the time for what matters most. - Say What? #21

Hello, and Happy September everyone! We're in the last third of the year, with less than 4 months unt
September 14 · Issue #21 · View online
Say What?
Hello, and Happy September everyone!
We’re in the last third of the year, with less than 4 months until 2020 is upon us. It’s interesting how fast time seems to fly by. It feels as if I’ve just started this newsletter project, and here we are in our 21st issue already.
Hope everyone is having a good time, especially to those in Malaysia with the three long weekends in September!

First of all, apologies for sending this issue a week later than usual. I’ve been in Malaysia for about 3.5 weeks, and wanted to make the most out of my time back home. I decided that spending time with my loved ones is a good enough reason to send this particular issue a week late. Every other issue from now on would still be sent on schedule though (so expect another issue next weekend!)
My short break in Malaysia has been a fun but super busy time, I can say that. But it has also been fulfilling, mainly because it gave me the opportunity to take a breather from my busy life and spend time doing things that matter to me.
In a world where there are a lot of things going on around us, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of what really matters. We rush through phases in our life and we chase what we feel is ‘important’.
We strive to get a degree as soon as possible. We race to see who gets the highest paying job first. We compete to be the first to buy a new house, or get married, or get that promotion. We do a lot of things to fill up our resume, to show that we are 'active’ and 'involved’.
But at what expense though? What are we losing when we do this?
Quality time with our loved ones? Missing out on important family events? Not having the time to meet up and hang out with friends? Or worst - forgoing the all important me-time for yourself?
Making time for what matters | The Art of Simple
I’ve been guilty of doing this too - rushing through life. I had a vision of what my life would be when I was younger, and I strive hard to make it happen. When I was younger, I joined a lot of different things because I felt like it was the thing to do. I felt like I had to be active, I had to take every single opportunity while I can. I kept myself busy with different projects and societies.
But looking back, I realized that I could have perhaps re-focus my energy and attention to a select few projects, and really give them my all. It would not only allow me to make the most out of these few things, but also give me more time to do other things that matter, such as building stronger relationships with my friends, or actually working on the different interests that I had.
Even now - I feel like there’s a LOT of things I want to do, to be involved with. But I have to constantly take a step back and think carefully about how each new project is aligned or not aligned with my values, and if it would do me good to participate in them.
I think this article by Robert Glazer is a good one to read about learning to say no to opportunities, no matter how cool it might be. It can also help you on how to focus on the things that matter, without feeling guilty about saying no to other things.
Warren Buffett and Tim Ferriss Say No Almost All of the Time – Here’s Why It’s A Key to Success
One part of the article that amuse me is point number 4: creating some work for the Asker.
As some of you might know, I recently (end of last year/early this year) launched (albeit super softly) this online career mentoring program on my blog. It’s not much, just a way for me to help some people out with reviewing their resume and prepping for interviews, etc. At that time, I didn’t know how much time I could commit to this, so I didn’t actually advertise it out on social media, etc. I just have the page up on the blog for people to see when they visit the blog.
Side note: I am doing a survey on Malaysian fresh graduates and the problems / issues people face in looking for a job after graduation. Please have a  look at the survey and potentially share your thoughts / experiences, or share the survey with your friends and family who are either fresh grads (<3 years experience) or final year university students. Thank you in advance!
So far, I’ve had about 4 people filling up the form and saying that they needed some help with resume / interview preparation / job search, etc. I usually respond to these people and ask them for more information (i.e. the type of jobs they’re looking for, the exact help they need from me, etc).
And, the funny part is, only one (out of 4) responded back with more information. The other 3 did not respond to my questions at all, which makes me wonder - do they really need the help, or are they just looking for someone to offer them a job?
This actually helped me to weed out those who are genuinely looking for guidance and help, and those who are just fishing around for someone to help them. It also helps me to save time as I don’t have to worry about those who are not committed to it.
I made a personal commitment to visit my ex-teachers every year to say thank you.
I made a personal commitment to visit my ex-teachers every year to say thank you.
One last question for you before I bid you farewell for today -
Have you recently gave a thought about what is important to you?
What cause(s) are you most passionate about? Which organization(s) do you support? What goal(s) do you aim to achieve in the next 5/10/20/50 years? What do you want to be remembered for when you’re gone?
If you haven’t thought about these questions (or other similar ones), or if it has been a while since you last asked yourself, perhaps it’d be good to take some time (say, 30-60 minutes?) to sit down and reflect on your life. This will help you, not only to refocus your life and your efforts, but also help to figure out what you need to do to get to where you want to go.
Alright, this should be all for today. I’ll see you guys again next week, insyaAllah! Until then, hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s (late) issue!
Stay awesome & take care everyone!
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