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Of Christmas and Assignments - Say What? #2

Hi again! Hope everyone's having a good week so far. Or, at least, I hope everyone's having a better
December 11 · Issue #2 · View online
Say What?
Hi again!
Hope everyone’s having a good week so far. Or, at least, I hope everyone’s having a better week than me at the very least.
I’m swamped with work, but thankfully, my friends are around to keep me sane. If it weren’t for them, I’d probably be going crazy at this point.
It’s also almost Christmas time, and you can definitely feel the festivities going around. I’ve attended one Christmas party last weekend at work, and I have like four parties / potlucks planned for this week alone!
Hope you enjoy this issue, and as usual, if you have any comments or suggestions, please do let me know!

Graduate School thoughts
It is super, super, super important to fully understand (1) what your assignment asks of you, and (2) what you are writing about.
I’m saying this because I just had to retract about ~20% of what I’ve written for my assignment because I realized that I was not answering the assignment brief at all.
Now, that’s all good now because I realized my mistake and thankfully still have a few more days to work on the assignment. And thankfully, I emailed my tutor last week to reclarify everything, which helps.
Now I’m just imagining if I had not emailed her to ask her to clarify things. That would’ve meant that I spent all that time writing for nothing.
*gulp* That would’ve costed me a good solid chunk of my marks, don’t you think so?
Weekly Find
With the release of the new trailer for Avengers, I thought that perhaps an Avengers parody would be a good thing to listen / watch to. Mind you, I’m not a Marvel / Avengers fan, and I’ve probably watched only a couple of the movies to actually understand it.
But I was still highly entertained by this parody of Ariana Grande’s Thank You, Next and Avengers / Black Panther, so I hope you enjoy it too!
Black Panther Sings "thank u, next" by Ariana Grande! | Avengers Parody
Another find for this week is thanks to Aizan, who shared this on my Twitter feed.
We aren’t a nation of documenters –
I particularly find this close to heart, because I’ve been trying to find official documents and articles about things related to Malaysian education system / schools for my assignments, and guess what?
There wasn’t much to go on from.
Sure thing, there are unofficial blog posts and things like that, but not much real documentations that one can use for a proper academic assignment. #lesigh.
Fun fact
I just realized that I could use Apple Pay on my Apple Watch a couple of days ago.
I didn’t notice this earlier because I first used my iPhone and Apple Watch back home in Malaysia, and Apple Way is not compatible in Malaysia just yet.
I’ve set up Apple Pay on my iPhone when I got to the UK, however, I forgot about my Apple Watch until my husband asked me about it last week.
That’s one less thing for me to do now whenever I’m out buying chocolates or bus tickets - no need to take out my phone to pay, since I can just beep my watch on the contactless payment machine!
From #SilentConfessions
SPM is over, and perhaps it’s time to re-share an old post that I’ve written for the blog. Who knows, perhaps it’d be beneficial for those SPM candidates as they start thinking about what they’re going to do now.
Daily30: SPM, and Where To Next? - Silent Confessions
Feel free to share the blog post on your social media, especially if you have friends / juniors / family members who might benefit from it!
Alright, that’s it for the second issue of the newsletter - hopefully you guys have enjoyed it! If you do enjoy it - please do spread the positivity by sharing it on your social media or forwarding this email to a friend and recommending them to sign up!
As always - if you have any comments or suggestions, please do reply to this email and let me know, I’m always open for new ideas!
Until I see you guys again next time - stay awesome and take care!
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