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Of Inclusivity and Diversity - Say What? #9

Hello everyone, It's been quite hard to go on social media recently, with news related the mosque inc
March 23 · Issue #9 · View online
Say What?
Hello everyone,
It’s been quite hard to go on social media recently, with news related the mosque incident in Christchurch, Cyclone Idai in Southern Africa, the chemical / gas leak in Pasir Gudang and whatnot.
Wherever you are - I hope that you guys are always in good health and safety. If you’re back home in Malaysia, please take good care of yourself, with the heat wave and the haze. If you’re abroad (studying or travelling), please take good care of yourself.
And I hope that we can each spare a prayer, not just to the victims of the recent incident, but to everyone across the world, who are on the receiving end of harassment, threats, abuse and attack, for whatever reason, be it their religion, their race(s), their ethnicity or gender.
Let’s all play a role, be it big or small, in making the world a more inclusive and diverse place for everyone.

Graduate School thoughts
It’s been six months since I started my journey as a Master’s student, so I figured I could share how things are going on so far in this blog post!
Life as a Master’s Student (So Far). Life as a Master’s Student (So Far).
One of my modules this semester is the Methods of Enquiry module, which is compulsory for all MA Education students (regardless of their track). This module hopefully will help us prepare for our dissertation this summer.
Something that I learnt in this module that helped me a lot is the issues of reliability and validity within a study / research. It taught me to consider certain aspects of a study that I read / see on the Internet and to carefully evaluate it before I share it out.
This is especially important these days, as there are a lot of fake news and information being shared out on social media. As users, we should take precautions and carefully evaluate anything that we see before we share it out to our friends.
It is also important for us to know and share things that are coming from official sources, especially whenever a tragedy happens. After all, we don’t want to aggravate the situation any further.
So, instead of sharing unconfirmed news and reports from random websites, we can work towards sharing news directly from the source (for instance, government officials on the ground, etc).
Weekly Find
This is hopefully something that can cheer your up amidst all these saddening news. I warn you though, it’d melt your heart.
Dory Writes on Twitter: "Um... Korea is trending a hashtag for Captain Marvel's Goose in which people are editing their cats into a Captain Marvel background. #캡틴마블_우리집구스 Click on the hashtag. You're welcome."
On a more serious topic, I found this article recently and it was like a shot straight to my heart. I’ve been told multiple times by close friends that I tend to fill up my plate with different projects at the same time. And I have the tendency of stopping projects halfway through (stares miserably at my sometimes dead blog).
Five things to do when you have too many ideas and never finish anything — Quartz at Work
Now, so far, my newsletter project has been doing OK. I’ve managed to successfully send this out to you every other week on schedule, which is good. Let’s see if I can keep this up for the rest of the year, and figure out where it’d go next (considering I’d be done with graduate school by then).
From #SilentConfessions
I also wrote another post for #FreshGrad101 here, specially for people who are thinking about whether or not to accept a particular job offer.
Evaluating a Job Offer.
That should be it for now, hope you’ve enjoyed this (relatively shorter) issue!
(p/s: it’s shorter than usual because I’ve been told that I can sometimes go on and on and make people lose their focus, so I’m working on it. What do you guys think?)
Until I see you again in two weeks, I hope you have a great week up ahead. Remember to take care of yourself and your physical / mental health, and to be safe always!
Stay awesome, and take care :)
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