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Stress is good - Say What? #12

Hello, Hope you are all in good health. This issue is going to focus on managing stress and self-care
May 4 · Issue #12 · View online
Say What?
Hope you are all in good health.
This issue is going to focus on managing stress and self-care, so hopefully it’d be useful for you. If you’re currently in university and battling final exams and assignments like I am, it’d definitely come in handy!
We also have a short write-up from Aizan about his research journey.
Hope you enjoy it!

Regardless of who you are or what you do in life, you’re bound to face some sort of stress. Personally for me, graduate school has been a pretty stressful period, especially with how different it is from undergraduate life.
The steep learning curve and the stress on independent work and reading can sometimes be a little too much, especially more so for someone who comes from a different background like me, with little to no experience in the area (as compared to working professionals with 5-15 years of working experience).
But, one thing that has helped me to stay calm throughout the whole stressful period is to have a good support system. I’ve written about how it’s important it is to seek help when needed, so having a good support system can do wonders.
How Successful People Stay Calm
A certain level of stress is always good, as it can motivate you to do better and perform to the best of your abilities. But if you let it get out of control (like I did last year), things get ugly and may affect your performance. I did the mistake of not acknowledging that I needed help during my first term, so when things get too hard, I broke down (way too many times).
Thankfully, I’ve learnt to manage it better this term around, which is good. I think I’ve had way less breakdowns this year as compared to last year, probably because I’ve learnt to manage stress better and pay more attention to my self-care.
Talking about self-care, one of my latest blog post talks about self-care for fresh graduates and job seekers. Job hunting can be a stressful phase for some people, especially if you’ve been unemployed for a long time. So I’ve shared some tips on how to practice self-care during a job search, which would helpfully be useful if any of you are going through the same thing.
Self care in the job search.
From Aizan's Research Codex
I would like to bring everyone’s attention to my newfound excitement: attending seminar/talk/conference given by well-known and respected scientists/speakers. Here is how the story goes.
A few weeks back on 22 April 2019, I attended a scientific seminar given by Dr. Inger K. Damon, a scientist from the United States’ Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). So, first question. Who is Dr. Damon? She is the Director of the Division of High-Consequence Pathogens and Pathology at CDC. So, what does that mean? That means if the world is under the threat of highly dangerous microbes, she would be the one at the helm. In fact, she was the commander for the largest international emergency response during the Ebola virus epidemic back in 2014-15.
What am I telling you now? It dawned on me recently that there is this untapped resource least utilized by Malaysian students abroad: the chance to be in the audience of the brightest minds. I am elated being able to listen to the first-account story of brilliant minds sharing their struggle and success to achieve something, and that something benefits us.
So, to Malaysian abroad especially, chances like this may not come as often. Utilize it, and disseminate it.
Wrapping up
I’m starting my dissertation phase soon, now that Easter break is over and the summer is starting. Wish me luck!
Ramadhan’s also around the corner, so if you’re a Muslim, Ramadhan Mubarak to you and family! It’s my first time fasting the full Ramadhan & celebrating Eid outside of Malaysia, but hey, at least I’m not alone.
The "Wedding Shoe Game" challenge | Syaza Nazura & Aiman Ardani
Until I see you again in two weeks - take care and stay awesome!
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