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To 'follow your dreams', you need to be strategic - Say What? #39

Hi everyone! Hope you are all in good health! Let's get the good news out of the way - WE HAVE OFFIC
May 17 · Issue #39 · View online
Say What?
Hi everyone!
Hope you are all in good health!
Let’s get the good news out of the way -
Thank you to all the new subscribers (60+ of you in the last two weeks!), I truly appreciate your support to this small little newsletter project of mine.
I’m hosting a giveaway for all of you subscribers - read on to find out more! :)

My first ever podcast!
I am a member of Aiman Azlan’s 1fifty community, and we have this thing called “Our Podcast”, where each member of the community will have a 1-hour conversation with Aiman. The 1-hour recording is only available to members, unfortunately, but Aiman has created a shorter, ~30-mins version for the public to listen to.
What is the conversation about?
Well - about us, essentially.
We talk about our lives, our dreams and goals, our challenges and obstacles, anything really. It’s unscripted, raw, and with pretty much a little too much honesty from my end (probably), lol.
So, if you have about ~30 minutes to spare while cooking or driving, you may want to have a listen to the second episode (featuring me!).
Fair warning: I ramble a lot on things, so apologies in advance. But I had a great time talking with Aiman, and thought that you’d enjoy it too :)
Syaza Nazura - Our Podcast Show | Podcast on Spotify
On to today's topic - passion!
And, following that podcast, I wanted to share a little about ‘passion’.
Recently, I attended a webinar that talked about recruitment and graduates’ employability during this critical time. One of the panels, Ms Mona Abu Bakar from CIMB, said something that stuck to my head.
I hate the word ‘passion’ with a passion.
Now, you may be wondering why she said that. It came up after someone asked a question on how employers would gauge applicants’ passion through a video interview, as it can be harder than an in-person interview.
In a way, I kind of agree with her.
Youth these days are too wrapped up and worried about ‘finding our passion’ and ‘working in a job that we are passionate about’.
But, the thing is…
Passion alone is not enough.
People can tell you to follow your dreams, but blindly following that advice just because you are ‘passionate’ about that dream is not good enough.
It takes careful planning and preparation in order to turn that passion into something sustainable.
For instance - I am passionate about writing. Blindly following that passion would see me quitting my full-time job and become a full-time freelance writer, where I can spend all day in bed, writing.
In theory, it sounds doable. Some people are successfully doing it, so why can’t I? There are tons of freelance writers out there successfully running their business while travelling the world. It all sounds like a dream come true.
But in reality, that may not be the case.
You’d need commitment, a hell of a good self-discipline, and strategic planning on how to ensure that your passion can sustain your life. You’d need a lot of good connections, the ability to market your skills and gain sponsorship for your content, and ways to make a good and continuous flow of income from your writing.
Because, like it or not, at the end of the day, we all need to make a living. We have to pay for rent and food, cover transportation costs, pay our debts and all that.
Is Passion Enough? - Thrive Global - Medium
Not all passion are built equal. Some passion may allow you to sustain a good life, others may not. And that’s OK.
Some people are obsessed with finding their passion early on in their life and get flustered when they can’t seem to figure life out. They say things like “I don’t know what I’m passionate about” and use that as an excuse to shy away from opportunities.
The thing is - There is no race to see who finds their passion first. And it’s OK to take your time to figure things out.
You may not be fully passionate about your first few jobs - that’s OK. It’s OK to get a job that can help you pay the bills, as long as you are being strategic about it. It’s OK to have a full-time job that you are only somewhat interested in, to help you save the money to pursue your passion on the side.
Passion can be nurtured and developed over time, just like skills. If you don’t know what your ‘passion’ is now, take the time to explore different opportunities. Try out everything that seems interesting to you and find out what makes you the most excited.
Figure out where your ‘sweet spot’ (Ikigai) are by thinking about:
  1. What you are good at
  2. What you enjoy doing
  3. What you can be paid for
  4. What the world needs
Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life Might Just Help You Live a More Fulfilling Life
And, hopefully, once you know where your Ikigai spot is, it’d make it a lot easier for you to live your life, as you’d know what is and is not important to you. :)
And now, as promised, time for a giveaway :)
Since we got to 200+ subscribers, I want to do something special for all you subscribers as a thank you for your support. I have two gifts up for grabs for two lucky subscribers.
The gifts are:
  • A customized canvas painting (by yours truly) - the design is yet to be confirmed, I will give a few options for the winner to pick from.
  • Money Stories from Malaysians: Volume 2 book & ebook from Ringgit oh Ringgit.
How can you join this giveaway? It’s super easy! There are different ways to gain entries, including…

  • Help me share the words out about this #SayWhat newsletter!
Share this newsletter on your social media and use the hashtag #SayWhatGiveaway. This can be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn (or on all four, if you want to!). Make sure your account (or post) is public, and tag/mention me (my accounts are all linked above) so I can see them.
You can also use this opportunity to share (1) your favourite issues from the newsletter so far (read all past issues here), or (2) what you enjoy most about the newsletter so far. This may be harder for newer subscribers, but you can always scroll back to older issues to see what has been written so far.

  • Reply to this newsletter and connect personally with me.
I want to know more about you, so reply to this email and share with me a little something about you.
Why did you subscribe to this newsletter? What do you enjoy most so far? What do you enjoy reading about? What goals are you trying to reach in your life? What are some of the biggest accomplishments in your life that you are proud of? What do you need help on to improve your life?
There is no right or wrong answer, and you can share anything that you want. I just want to hear from you and get to know you a little better :)
So, let’s get going!
You have until Raya (~24 May), so that gives you about one week from now. I will hopefully be able to announce the winners by the next issue, :)
Until I see you again.
That should be all for now. It will be Raya soon, so Selamat Hari Raya in advance to my Muslim subscribers who will be celebrating Raya next week. I hope that your Raya this year will be meaningful, despite how it would be in a different mood due to the conditional MCO and everything.
Also, if you haven’t already, let me know if you want a Kad Raya for this year! It might reach you later (after Raya), but if you are fine with waiting a little while for a Kad Raya, do fill up this form!
Until I see you again in two weeks’ time - stay healthy and maintain social distancing during the festive season.
Take care and stay awesome everyone!
Nazu xx
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