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We'll get through this - together. - Say What? #36

Hello people! Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy (and sane!) during this (already extend
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Say What?
Hello people!
Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy (and sane!) during this (already extended and will be extended, again) Movement Control Order.
Apologies (again) for sending this a week late. My newsletter subscription got messed up (again!) after they fixed it the last time, and GetRevue isn’t too active on chat, especially during this time. Hopefully all is sorted out for now and there are no more disruption to my subscription (fingers crossed).

Malaysia’s been under the MCO for about a month now, and will be for another two weeks (at the very least). While I know that it is for the best of the country to keep people at home and keep Covid-19 at bay, personally I’m just a bit too stressed out staying at home.
As an extrovert, I’m used to meeting people and going out, so forcing myself to stay put at home is a little hard. I haven’t even been back to my parents’ house since this whole thing started, or to my in-laws. But, it’s for my own safety, and the safety of my family and the community.
So, I’ll have to endure it. For the greater good.
I consider myself lucky though to be able to stay at home comfortably. I have my husband by my side, and we have things to do to pass the time. This MCO gave me a lot of free time to spend with him (not that I didn’t have much before, but just a ton more now), and also more time for me to work on my other side projects.
Finding the time to build some new interests.
I started painting at home this MCO. My first painting (the red galaxy), was courtesy of Art & Bonding, where I purchased two sets of home bonding kits for Aiman & I to do as our 7th year anniversary ‘home date’. They provided all the materials needed (including plastic cups and plates and aprons), and had a video tutorial for us to follow step-by-step.
It wasn’t perfect, but we had a ton of fun. And it was nice to do something different for once. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought, so I ended up buying a set of paint and some painting papers online to do and experiment more. Still have a long way to go, but I’m enjoying this learning process.
Personally, I think learning painting will be a good exercise for me to learn to let go of my need to control things. Painting is supposed to be a way to let your inner creativity shine, to forget about following each step down to the core and let your brush fly across the paper freely. It’s something that I have to learn and get used to, because I have a bad habit of wanting to control everything, so I think this exercise and new interest would do me good.
I’ve also used this time to work on my writing project. It’s not done yet, but I’ve written quite a lot in the past few weeks as compared to the previous one month, mainly because I have a lot more time to sit down and properly do it right. It’s still going to take some time to finish, but at least this MCO will give me more opportunity to focus and churn out good content, hopefully.
Which is your favorite so far out of my first three attempts?
Which is your favorite so far out of my first three attempts?
Some people have also used this MCO period to experiment with new recipes. While I think it’s a good idea, I can’t do it myself due to (1) a small kitchen, (2) lack of kitchen appliances, and (3) lack of ingredients/food items. I also think that it’s probably not the best time to use up too much food/ingredients during this uncertain time, as we have no idea how long the MCO would actually last for.
So, maybe it’s good to the safe and keep it down a notch, don’t you think so?
Challenge yourself and do something new.
As I love to talk to people and MCO’s holding me back from meeting and talking to people in real live, I’ve resorted to something that I don’t usually do - going live on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve done three IG Live in the past two weeks (talking about post-SPM/university life, confidence, happiness, motivation and discipline), and have just done one Facebook Live yesterday (talking about LinkedIn).
I don’t particularly enjoy doing a Live video, because it felt awkward talking to the camera by myself. This is probably why I prefer blogging instead of vlogging - I get self-conscious when I talk to the camera. But when’s a better time to push myself to do something that I’m not used to, if not now?
I’m thinking of perhaps doing another live session next weekend, or maybe this time recording a vlog… Any suggestions on topics that I can talk about, or that you would want to hear about? Let me know - reply to this issue with your suggestions! :)
Still need to work on my own discipline and time management.
The ironic part is - despite having so much time on my hand, my blog is still left unattended (I have two posts in the draft waiting to be finished, but couldn’t get myself to finish them). I also have books waiting to be read but no motivation to pick them up and finish them.
Perhaps it is time for me to revisit my daily planner (which, also, hasn’t been much in use since MCO started) and plan my days properly. I’ve been treating this MCO like a holiday, when in reality, it is not.
I lucked out because my manager’s flexible on when I want to do my work (which usually means me doing everything in the evening or late at night, except if I have to attend video meetings or conferences), but I probably should have a better control of how I spend my time and actually plan to do more beneficial things (rather than rewatching Kuroko no Basuke for the 101th time) (I know Aizan, there are other anime to watch out there, I just can’t be bothered to actually focus on starting a new show when all I need is some background noise).
Signing off for now.
Wherever you guys are, please stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands often and take care of your physical and mental health.
Taking care of yourself - that is the most important thing.
If you have extra time and are able to use it to pick up a new skill or learn something new, by all means, make full use of it. But, if you don’t have the time (or the ability) to do so, don’t worry.
Do what you have to do, and take care of your mental and physical health first.
Your wellbeing come first - always.
J.K. Rowling on Twitter: "No quote tweeting, but if you're a 'life coach' who's on here implying people are losers if they aren't learning a new skill/building a brand while on lockdown, maybe stop. People have challenges you know nothing about. Sometimes getting through something is more than enough."
Until I see you next week, stay awesome and take care! :)
Love (from 6ft away),
Nazu xx

p/s send your suggestions for another Live session (Instagram/Fb) or vlog! I’d love to hear from you!
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