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We're all a little lonely - Say What? #16

Hello! :) This weekend is the last weekend in June, which means that we are halfway through 2019. Hop
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Say What?
Hello! :)
This weekend is the last weekend in June, which means that we are halfway through 2019. Hopefully, you’re getting on great whatever goals that you’ve set to achieve at the start of the year.
Here’s to the second half of the year, and for making the most out of the time we have!

So, a few weeks ago, I finally got a taste of what it’s like to go ‘viral’. A random a tweet of mine received 5k+ RTs and likes, amounting up to 320k+ impressions, which is kind of ironic because the said tweet was about me feeling a little lonely despite being the type of person who has a lot of 'friends’.
I guess, we’re all feeling somewhat the same ways, in which we are all a little lonely, in one way or another. But that’s life, I think? We all feel the same way, and we all crave similar things in life - to feel and be a part of a community in some ways.
Two weeks ago, I wrote about how you should be grateful for the people you have in your life. Today, I just wanted to share a little about building your own community, or 'tribe’, however you want to call it.
Community is Everything: How to Build Your Tribe |
Personally, graduate school can be somewhat of a lonely, individual journey. You’re no longer with the friends that you did your undergraduate with. And, in my case, half (or more) of my classmates are working professionals who commute to university for classes. So, aside from our classes, I rarely see them around campus, which makes the whole graduate school journey more lonely.
My first semester of graduate school was a little like hell, mainly because (1) I was on a long-distance relationship with Aiman, (2) I was still adjusting to life in the UK, and (3) I was adjusting to life as a Master’s student.
But thankfully, things got better. I friended some of my classmates on Facebook, and it helps to keep in touch about assignments and all. And it certainly helps to know that other people are feeling the same way I do about assignments and all (i.e. we can all now stress over how much work we have to do, etc together).
I got my ‘community’ of people who support me, which was super helpful. I got my supervisor and tutors who help and guide me. I have my friends (both in Huddersfield and elsewhere) who constantly check in on me to make sure that I’m doing well. And I have my family and Aiman who believes in me and all that I do.
Having a group of people who believe and support you, be it in your academic, personal, or professional life, is definitely a privilege, one that is often taken for granted.
So, why not, if you have the time - think back about who are the people in your community, and if you can, spare some time to thank them for being there in your corner? I’m sure they’d be glad to hear it from you!
From Aizan's Research Codex
Much like Syaza Nazura herself, I am also going through a graduate school journey. Unlike being in undergrad where I was in the company of friends (and, ehem, love interest), the rite of passage being in grad school is solitude that ultimately ensues more focus to carry out the education and mission.
Going back months ago, I felt extremely lonely and I felt like the world is squeezing me into a dark, damp space. This dark space echoed one thing in particular (of many things): get a girlfriend (lol what?).
But this dark space was just a state of thought, was it not? Had I ever considered that it was less of a problem looking for a plus one, rather more of a problem finding oneself?
Follow Aizan’s thought on his website,, in a post titled “You Don’t Need It (Yet)
Wrapping up
That should be all for now, but before I sign off, I have one last thing to say -
Thank you to everyone here! I really do appreciate your support in this small project of mine. It’s halfway through the year, and we’re already at 86 subscribers, which is more than the original 50 subscribers that we aimed for. So for that, thank you so much!
Until we meet again in two weeks - take care and stay awesome! And if you’re somewhere in the UK or Western Europe, stay hydrating in this hot, hot weather!
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