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"You are not a natural writer." - Say What #6

Hello *waves*! Hope everyone had a wonderful January and a good start to February! Guess what - this
February 9 · Issue #6 · View online
Say What?
Hello *waves*!
Hope everyone had a wonderful January and a good start to February!
Guess what - this is the 3rd issue in 2019, and we’re at ~30 subscribers!
When Aizan and I thought of starting this newsletter project, we were aiming to get at least 50 subscribers for the first year, but here we are. Two months in and more than halfway there. Fingers crossed we can hit our target for the year (or earlier, if possible!).
If you have just recently subscribed (through Instagram / LinkedIn or other social media) - thank you so much. Your support means a lot, really!
Hope you enjoy this week’s issue, and if there’s anything, do let me know!

Graduate School thoughts
I received good news last week - I actually scored a distinction for my 6,000 words assignment on PPSMI (that I wrote about in an earlier issue). Though I felt like it was half-baked, my tutor apparently felt like it was good enough to be awarded a distinction. Hey - who am I to say no to a distinction, right?
The mark is still preliminary at the moment though, as it has to be externally moderated at the end of the program, but, it was still a good surprise.
On a different topic - I went to see my tutor recently (to discuss possible topics for my dissertation), and she said some things that made me think.
You are not a natural writer. I hope you don’t mind me saying this. You are a good verbal conversationalist, yes, and I know you blog a lot. But you are not a good writer, not academically.”
This is not really a new thing to know, actually. I’ve always knew that while I actually love writing, I can’t actually write a decent academic paper. It’s definitely something that I know I need to really work hard on, especially if I ever want to seriously consider doing my PhD (though that idea is shoved to the back of my head right now).
Heck, I know I need to work on it now, especially to ensure that I score well in this term’s modules and for my dissertation over the summer.
It takes a great deal of mental work to force myself to write good content academically. At times, I feel like a different person. It was not Syaza Nazura who was writing the paper, but instead a stranger. It’s a personal mental struggle, trying to hold myself at bay and writing from a different persona.
But, oh well. All in the life of a student, no?
Weekly Find
This article rings close to my heart, because I was one of the people who were intrigued by the ‘prestige career’ paths of finance and consulting. As a student at one of the top business schools in the US, I experienced first-hand how students were sucked into the path of applying to all the top consulting and finance firms.
I’m glad I made it out of the chase for prestige and never looked back. Though, mind you, it did take a lot of mental will and I had to force myself at times to not look that way again. It seemed like an easy way out, a prestigious and rewarding career path, and definitely one that would garner a lot of “OMG that must be so cool” thing.
But leaving all those behind and pursuing a non-traditional career in higher education was perhaps one of my best decisions in my life, no regrets there.
How Top-Performing College Grads Fall Into the ‘Prestige Career’ Trap
Fun fact
I recently saw a tweet on Twitter about Point Nemo, a point in the ocean that is the farthest point away from any landmass / coastline. A friend re-Tweeted it with a good comment - Guess Finding Nemo actually makes sense now, no?
Fermat's Library on Twitter: "Point Nemo is the point in the ocean farthest away from a coast. Located at 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W, it was only determined in 1992. Decommissioned space craft returning to Earth are often aimed at Point Nemo.…"
And if you’re interested to read more on Point Nemo, you can read this article here!
Inside Earth's Most Remote Location, Where The Closest Humans Are Astronauts
From #SilentConfessions
I haven’t been updating my blog for a while (apologies for that, writers’ block, y'see), so here’s a compilation of my Fresh Grad 101 posts. Do share it out with your friends and family if you think that it’d be beneficial for them!
Fresh Grad 101 - So What Now? - Silent Confessions
That should be all for now, I think.
As always - do email / tweet / DM me if you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback about the issue (or anything at all), I’d love to hear from you!
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Until I see you again in two weeks’ time - take care and stay awesome!
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